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"In Search for the Fantes Family"

A trip of discovery

A journey to the past

A link to the future


Day 2 & 3


Closing Notes
Family Chart
Jakob Survival
Fantes' Survivors

  Lourdes and I went for lunch. We had the translated options in the menu from Czech, German or Russian. My translator understands spoken Czech but not written, so a sharp waiter bailed us out of trouble then. We went to the Hotel and prepared to find now Schwarzer Adler (BLACK EAGLE OR THE FANTES' HOUSE). I bought a map of Marianzke Lazne (CURRENT NAME OF MARIENBAD), and showed Heini’s picture of the “Black Eagle” to the receptionist, who pointed without hesitation in the map where it was located. I could not believe it. Prime real estate location!. We walked a few minutes and we were there: The best view in town.

  Next to the Hotel Hvezda which formerly was called “Hotel Stern”. We found that the house was in need of some repairs in comparison to the picture I had. We went to the Hotel and make inquires about the house. Again, friendly responses and no English. Lourdes translation : repairs will began in a few months and will be transformed into a Hotel. By that time, I had begun to trust more and more Lourdes feeling for the Czech language. I am willing to bet that repairs will begin soon.[1)Former Ignaz Fantes'house is in need of repairs 2)The house was between Hotel Hvezda and former Edward VII palace/home when he was staying in Marienbad] 


  We walked the town up and down. No Spa-type treatments or massages for us. Just it was pure and honest walking through the town. The town of Gold.  Most of the buildings painted in Golden yellow. Marienbad indeed is a Golden town.

  Day 3


“Ignatz was born in December 21, 1852.. Joseph is

the one who according to Ckyne Familiant Book was born

in 1804 to Jakob and Franciska nee LEWIT FANTES.


there was another Ignatz FANTES born to Latzar

and Anna nee LEDERER FANTES, in March 9, 1864. This

family dwelled in Ckyne house no. 96. Latzar was son FANTES families :



# 27 = "patriarch" Jakob and Franciska nee LEWIT


# 27 = Leopold and Barbara nee ZDEKAUER FANTES

# 60 = Markus and Theresia nee POPPER FANTES

of Leopold and Barbara FANTES.


Ignatz FANTES was born in

December 21, 1852 in Ckyne. Parents : Joseph FANTES,

butcher, and Anna, daughter of Samuel LÖWI. There is

no info on Joseph parents in Ignatz´s birth record but

I will certainly follow the line and let you know more

when you come, I hope.


Ignatz´s siblings were : Jacob b. December 21, 1845,

Franciska b. May 22, 1847, Herman b. February 17,

1849, Barbara b. January 16, 1851. All incl. your

Ignatz dwelled in Ckyne house no. 90. I am about to

put Ckyne 1838 map on web so you can see that today or

tomorrow or in Prague directly. Please, check the site

House no.90 is the one close to synagogue on right.”

Julius M.



  We were ready to head down to South Bohemia. Lourdes felt that we should give another look at the cemetery. My vote was against the plan and felt that we had to leave at 7.30 A.M to South Bohemia. Lourdes was not too happy with my plans so we took hers. The cemetery opens its gates at 9.00 A.M, and we had to wait until the cemetery open its gates. It was 10.00 A.M and no gates opened yet. There was an unhappy German Sheppard Dog not too friendly looking, just waiting for me to jump the gates. But, I just decided not to comply with the dog’s wishes and headed to South Bohemia. Lourdes and the German shepherd were satisfied. They both were winners. I also won (in a way at least) and was safe in two fronts.

  What a different drive!. The roads are still narrow. The towns are still small. But the road only had lazy curves and mild hills. Much less trees and more open landscapes. A sense of total peace fills the air in South Bohemia. We drove through Volyne, Ckyne, Bohumilice and to Vimperk our final destination. The land of another Ignaz Fantes, a cousin of our Ignaz Fantes. 

  After leaving our luggage in the Hotel, we left for Bohumilice (prior Skalice) where presumably Jakob Fantes was coming from and his father Juda Fantes. We did not have any clues what to look for in there. Nevertheless, we visited the village and took some nice shots there in a beautiful blue-skied day. After a short visit, finally to Ckyne armed with a map from Ckyne’s 1800’s, provided by an internet Site run by Julius Mueller, with the numbers of the Jewish houses including the Fantes(es).

  Feeling confident with my map, I began to search in order of age the Fantes' Houses. First house number 27, Jakob Fantes.


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