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"In Search for the Fantes Family"

A trip of discovery

A journey to the past

A link to the future


Days 6 to 8


Closing Notes
Family Chart
Jakob Survival
Fantes' Survivors

Achab and His Dog Chubbie Below

Ckyne with its River. Home of Jakob, Joseph Fantes. Ignaz was born in 1852

Skalice known now as Bohumilice is a very nice little village. Jakob Fantes and his father Juda Fantes were from that town.

Day 6


Visit to old town Prague under a cold rain. Prague makes every other city boring. What other city has Medieval, Gothic, Classical, Baroque all included?. Magnificent Churches nearby to beautiful Synagogues. Monumental Castles, Monasteries, Palaces, Theaters are all there. History is all there as well. The rain could not erase the soul of the city.  We could breath it; we could feel it.  Time was short as Hanna predicted.

  The same day, Julius Mueller came to visit us in the Hotel and we spent some time talking. We found him extremely pleasant and nice person, like almost everybody part of this story. His information has been golden for us. He complemented the information that Heini and Alex Woodle have sent my way. He had done an extraordinary job for me. He handed me a letter summarizing key information on Jakob, Josef and Ignaz Fantes including this:




“(HBMa 260 record from Ckyne)

Groom: Joseph Fantes (41) butcher master of Ckyne No. 90, son of Jakob Fantes, butcher and Franziska Nee Lewit Fantes, received his marriage license Sept. 26, 1844, no. 47 141. Marriage date: Oct/23/1844

Bride: Anna Lewy (30), daughter of Samuel Lewy of Deutsch Rust (Podboransky Rohozec nowadays) and Franziska Lewy, Nee Lewy of Chlum”


Julius M.






Lourdes decided that it was a good day for the Theater. The opera was sold out. Our first difficulty was the language, even for my translator. We decided for a play that will have no need for translation like the recommended Ballet: “The Laterna Magika”. I read the argument: a sort of Casanova mixed with Odysseus story. I have read about both, no problem I thought. When the ballet began, I tried to understand in which part of the story they were, but without success. My ignorance of ballet leaded me to drowsiness. My drowsiness leaded me to frank sleeping. Now, I really lost track of the argument!. Lourdes on the other hand was happy and was not upset about my sleeping experience.

  Everybody then happy: Lourdes, I, and even the German Sheppard   from Marienbad were happy.


Day 7


It was my academic day. Lourdes went to more touring and to buy presents under a cold persistent rain.  At night, an academic evening as well. The following day, we flew back to Key Biscayne.







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