Searching for the FANTES in Bohemia

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Welcome to our Bohemian family web site.

Dedicated to the memory of the best and kindest Dad, Doctor and human being we could ever had: 
"Dr. Franzel Fantes-Kerdel"

Dr. Franzel Fantes-Kerdel
Father, Doctor, and a True Humanitarian

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Here you'll learn all about the history of the FANTES family in Bohemia. If you go to the Web Page:

You will see all we learned in our trip to the Czech Republic in March 2001.

I read once that life is about... knowing where you came from; learning who you are; and lastly ...getting to your destination.

This is part of step one: "where we came from". We are here because of the past.

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Fantes Brothers
Federico, Francisco, Oswaldo, Ricardo

My Family
Francisco, Lourdes, Francisco Eduardo, Ignacio

This is a family journey dedicated to our Father's family

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