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"In Search for the Fantes Family"

A trip of discovery

A journey to the past

A link to the future


Day 4 & 5


Closing Notes
Family Chart
Jakob Survival
Fantes' Survivors

Then we met Jindra Bromova at the Cemetery, who guided us and opened the Synagogue for us. She explained us the difficult, slow, challenging and wonderful project of recovery that she is leading in the Synagogue.  There was no doubt in my mind that Jindra is very special and her fight is for a very worthy cause. She deserves all the help.[Ckyne's Synagogue below]


  Achab, Lourdes, Chubbie and I got into the Car, drove in the direction of our final destination of Straz, and to visit the Jewish Cemetery where Achab was to help us to check for Dubsky(s) family members. We were to drive trough Trebon, Ceske Budejovice , Straz and Jidrchuv Hradec. 

  Achab had a copy of current map and guided us through all the towns. All different sizes and yet all beautiful . Ceske Budejovice was the largest of them, in fact, it was a full scale city with difficult traffic and all. It was full of large old buildings. It is home of the famous beer Budweis known for its sweeter taste. Jindrchuv is a magnificent and beautiful medieval city with old pavestone streets. The river runs through the middle of the town. The river reflects like a mirror their treasured buildings, and castle.

  We arrived in Straz Jewish Cemetery just off the side of the road in a wooden area. The cemetery was well taken care but locked up. We jumped the walls and Chubbie stayed quite upset ouside. He did not like to be left out one bit. He tried all his tricks: barking, crying, trying to get over the wall, from above, or below…. to no avail. 

  We found a large group of Dubsky(s) in Straz: Julius, Hermine, Abraham, Herman Dubsky(s) have been buried there among other members of the Dubsky, Lowy, Fantl families.

  Time to get back. Drove back and Achab and Chubbie stayed in Ceske Budejovice to take the next train to Prague. We drove back to Vimperk. It was a nice and relaxing drive back to our based Hotel.  

[Alex Woodle sent me a copy of the chapter on Vimperk in Hugo Gold's Book. Alois and Ignatz Fantes are mentioned as members of the local Jewish


  Day 5


I woke up early before sunrise as usual. As I was looking out the window: everything was white. It wasn’t a dream. It was snowing heavily at the end of March!. I remembered the last snowstorm I lived in 1988 in Atlanta. The city shot down for a week. As we had breakfast and seeing everybody driving comfortable through a partial white road with a landscape that was heavily covered with clean white fresh snow, reminders that Vimperg is a ski town. Well, no problem. We ski as well, although water skiing is what is big in Key Biscayne. Driving back to Prague?. No problem either, for a couple of Venezuelans living is South Florida. Drive slowly and enjoy the ride we said. Enjoy we did.

  We had the opportunity to visit Ckyne again but now in white dress. [Below, entering Ckyne]


 Magnificent. I could see clearer the Fantes living in this mountainous Village as many Jews had to live then. We just were blessed to see how Ckyne lives in two different seasons. In this case, it was only two seasons in two days. Pictures of the town again: Joseph’s house, cemetery, and town in white. We then drove to Prague.  Meals, meetings and resting for the rest of the day (it was heavily raining outside).  

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